Sacred Salts: Organic lotions you need to try

Skincare is all the rage these days, and people all over the world want to get their hands on the best skin products to make sure that their skin is beautiful and feeling healthy at the same time. It can be a hit and miss at times, but once you find the right products, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of great skin. 

This is why we decided to open up shop and share our knowledge about skincare with our customers. Aside from the typical face creams and toner, we also specialize in organic body lotions. It took us several years to perfect the recipe and get the right variations, but we’ve done it! See the list of our bestsellers below for more information: 

Sacred Salts Sensitive Skin Lotion

For our customers who have sensitive skin and are more prone to rashes and other painful marks, you can rely on the Sacred Salts Sensitive Skin Lotion. This is gentle on skin surfaces and has mild ingredients to ensure that no irritation occurs. All ingredients are organic and cruelty-free as well! 

However, please be sure to take a look at the ingredients first before you apply. Although all of the ingredients are acquired organically, certain allergens may be possible for some people as well. Otherwise, feel free to use it at least once a day! 

Sacred Salts Intensive Care Lotion

If you are the kind of person who suffers from chapped or dry skin that results in chaffing, then our Intensive Care Lotion is the best choice. Same as all of our other products, this is made with organic ingredients and underwent cruelty-free testing. Using this lotion at least once a day will ensure that your skin gets the care it needs and deserves.

Sacred Salts Moisturizing Lotion

Dry skin is the number one enemy when it comes to skincare. It’s the breeding ground for blemishes like pimples and whiteheads. To combat this, you need a lotion that does an excellent job with moisturizing. Luckily, you have the Sacred Salts Moisturizing Lotion. Also made with organic ingredients, you can rest assured that your skin will feel supple and soft after just a few days of use! 

Sacred Salts Healing Relief Lotion 

If you have scabs, chafing or other non-open wounds on your skin, then you will need a good lotion that heals and moisturizes at the same time. The same thing goes for sunburns that can cause the skin to peel, and the Sacred Salts Healing Relief Lotion will soothe the pain and speed up the healing process. 

Use any or all of these lotions for your needs and you’ll find that all of the lotion types you could need are here!